QC 4x4 April minutes

Call to order:

Dustin Bland called to order the regular meeting of QC 4X4 at 6:34 at the barrel house .

Well Wednesday meeting was held at the new location at the barrel house in Moline. The place was a little loud and did not have any Coors light or blue moon on tap. But all that didn’t matter due to that we only had 3 people attended. Not even the president or vice showed up. So I started the meeting in there behalf and talked about. Monster jam this month on the 17th and that I did not have the new logo to show. And then I closed the meeting 2 min later at 6:36. Just a reminder that next months meeting will still be held at the barrel house. Also the food was limited at the barrel house but what we had was good.

Minuets this week: 17 total yearly min: 34

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I am sorry that I was unable to attend, Brian was with me. 

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